Youtube films 'Anton Kutter' telescopes

Kutterdag Tivoli Oudenbosch 2016


visit at Family Kutter Biberach/Riss


Visit planetarium Laupheim and ESO Garching spring 2017



New coating on 12,5'' primary mirror  telescoop of Anton Kutter


Demontage Kuttertelescope in Biberach part1


Demontage Kuttertelescope in Biberach part2


Assembage Kuttertelescoop in Gent


Trischief Anton Kutter 1967


demontage grote Kuttertelescoop in Gent


Before and after


collimation of telescopes Anton Kutter (some of them)


Bruno Ernst about Anton Kutter (part one)


Bruno Ernst about Anton Kutter (part two)